KTZ x New Era



Worlds collide when FREE- the studio behind #TheCreatorClass- commission TCC Member Ben Johnston to create a sign that typifies their new physical production hub #canoncreatorlab. 

Backing it up a bit: Ben is Toronto-based designer who’s got a way with word art. Though he works largely as a graphic designer, ask and he’ll tell he’d never consider himself one. Not to be confined to the screen, his designs have materialized as public murals, laser cut outs, and 3D renderings. Always down to try his hand at new areas of design, he jumps head first into new projects and collaborations with the mindset (as his tattoo reads) que sera sera.

Across town, FREE Space opens it’s doors as the physical hub to their community of Creators. Looking to their community for someone to build out a sign from ideation to IRL installation, Ben was a natural fit. Located inside FREE, #canonccreatorlab is a production space that welcomes TCC members. Stocked with the latest photography gear, it acts as an incubator for local photographers, filmmakers, and social storytellers alike.



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